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Lock 34 Brew Co. is situated on the historic Stratford upon Avon canal, close to the village of Claverdon. The name is derived from the breweries location next to lock number 34, one of many traditional lock gates on the canal.  The original lock 34 gates can actually be found in the gardens of the Fleur De Lys pub up the canal in Lowsonford.


The brewery grew out of a vision to make beer that was traditional, yet innovative.  We looked at ways to improve old recipes and the bring new ideas to the brewing process.  

We now adopt many new and interesting brewing techniques, including late hopping and dry hopping, which produces more aromatic and fruity beers.  This is especially effective when making Pale ales, which have soared in popularity more recently.

We have also adopted the use of 'new world' hops (from America and Australasia) as well as new varieties from the UK and Europe.  These have helped to give our beers that new and exciting edge.

Going forward we intend to produce more and more innovative beers and we are constantly trying new ideas and beer styles.  Our next project will involve the creation of 'keg' beers, which have gained in popularity in recent years.  This will allow is to create exciting beer styles, such as New England IPAs (hazy and fruity), West Coast IPAs (hoppy and refreshing) and Saisons (dry and peppery).

We have also enhanced our festival and event capabilities by building a mobile bar. This will allow us to take our beers to a wider audience, sharing ideas and flavours with beer lovers and new comers alike. This is coming soon.



We are Paul and Sean (the brothers) both passionate brewers, as well as keen drinkers.

We try and taste as many beers as possible, looking for inspiration and new ideas.

We are both CAMRA members and try to attend events as often as possible, although we are also keen to try new 'keg' style beers and intend to produce our own range very soon.